Navigating Life and the Library

Widener Library, the main library for Harvard undergraduates, is a three-dimensional labyrinth. My first experience in Widener lasted one hour and ten minutes, during which time I was able to find three out of the five books that I needed… READ MORE


Life Through Orange-tinted Glasses

Fall is in full swing, and it is wonderful. The kaleidoscope of leaves is spectacular, with bright yellows, oranges and reds that appear to have been painted with careful brushstrokes. They sparkle in the trees and create a perfect crunch on the ground, forming thrilling obstacle courses for the many local squirrels… READ MORE


Shop ’til you Drop

In theory, shopping week is a brilliant idea: try out as many courses as you like before committing to them. In practise, the process is somewhat more stressful. The start of September involved non-stop running around between buildings, departments and campuses in hope of finding the golden courseREAD MORE


First Culinary Impressions

What they say is true. The portions are huge and there is sugar in everything. At some orientation events, we were offered pizza, doughnuts and popcorn. Can you imagine trying to hold an interesting conversation with new fellow graduate students whilst hugging a giant box of popcorn? …READ MORE